VIP Portable Toilets

VIP portable toilets or premier portable toilets are best when you need something that is just a little nicer than your standard porta potty.
Common uses include:

  • Special events
  • Agriculture
  • Anywhere an economical solution with hand-wash ability is needed
  • Outlying areas of large parks or forests
  • Small events to supplement existing facilities

V.I.P. Portable Toilet Features

  • Modern, heavy-duty plastic design promotes a clean and dry interior
  • Built-in sink, soap dispenser and hand towel dispenser
  • Larger interior than standard portable toilets
  • Shelf for personal items
  • Built-in urinal
  • Translucent roof for a bright interior
  • Good ventilation

We keep our VIP portable toilets in good condition, and we’ll work with you to set up a maintenance plan that keeps them well-maintained and comfortable to use.


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  • Ventura County
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